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It’s today! Our post for International Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day 2015 #dravetsyndrome @dravetUK


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JulietIn this guest blog post, Juliet Marlow, a disability rights campaigner and member of Not Dead Yet UK, explains why she is against legalising assisted suicide. Not Dead Yet UK is today protesting against the Assisted Dying Bill outside the House of Parliament.

Lord Falconer’s Private Member’s Bill proposing the legalisation of doctor-assisted suicide (AS) for those with six months or less to live will receive its third reading in the House of Lords today, Friday 16 January.

This isn’t the first time the matter has been debated. Every few years somebody will make the proposal only for it to be nervously put aside. But this time feels different. Despite its controversial nature it seems the idea has somehow caught public imagination and there is a very real chance that this time it could become law.

My name is Juliet. I’m 44, married, a PhD student and freelance writer. I…

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With school kids going back I have updated my greeper laces post about how fab they are for children with #autism or motor impairments with fb feedback from inventor

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What to Pack for your Child’s Hospital Stay

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